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  •   Xinzhuan Trial was established in May 2018. The company is located in 1970 Science Park, Minzhi Street, Longhua District. The specific location is: 204-205, Building 6, 1970 Science Park.
    Shuanggang Tower Technology signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Jiangxi Normal University and Hebei Academy of Art in March 2019, importing a large number of college students resources, and greatly improving the retention and utilization rate of APP based on all real users.
    In 2020, Xinzhuan will be upgraded with a better user experience, better interface and better performance.

Product Service

APP Keyword Ranking
Improve The Keyword Coverage And Ranking Of The App, Effectively Increase Product Exposure, And Bring More Downloads And Activations Of Na...
App Store List Optimization
Improve The App‘S Ranking On The General List, Category List, Etc., And Greatly Increase The Exposure And Popularity, And Bring More...
App Store ASM Bidding Ads
With Search Advertising, You Can Control Your Campaigns And The Audience That Sees Ads; Traffic Is More Accurate, Volume Is Increased Fast...
Points Wall
Using Multiple Anti-Cheating Techniques To Intercept Users To Do Tasks To Receive Rewards To Ensure The Authenticity Of Users, While Impro...
Five-Star Praise
Follow The Comments In Real Time, Get High-Quality Five-Star Comment Scores, And Then Improve The APP Search Ranking And Bring A Lot Of Do...
Shelf Audit Service
With Professional Review Experience, Independent Research And Development Of High-Quality Resources, To Help Products To Be Successfully R...
Apple APP Signature
Advantages: Independent Certificate Signature Outside The Circle, Stable And Non-Signature
Account Service
Enterprise Developer Account, Individual Developer Account

Cooperation Case

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  • Company Information
  • Company Name: Shenzhen Shuanggang Tower Technology Co., Ltd.
    Company Tel: 0755-23774259
    Company Address: 204-205, Building 6, 1970 Technology Town, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen
  • Business Information
  • Name: Tian Changjiang
    Mobile/WeChat: 16675523881
    Address: 204-205, Building 6, 1970 Technology Town, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen


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